About Human Resource Blueprints

Human Resource Blueprints is a newly formed consulting firm comprised of seasoned HR consulting professionals who have come together to offer clients an unparalleled level of expertise, service, and value for money.   We are able to do this as we have eliminated the costly overhead that burdens large firms, and have formulated our operation with a customer service focus to ensure we are able to deliver the service we know clients deserve.


We have expertise with corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and crown corporations, sector councils, not-for-profit, and small start-up organizations.  We have worked in Canada, Europe, Asia, the United States, Middle East, Caribbean, and Africa.  We are Thought Leaders, mentors, experts, and problem solvers in all matters related to human resources (HR).  Our expertise is demonstrated in our track record.  We design HR strategies for business success.



We pride ourselves on realistic, manageable, and practical solutions that optimize the benefit to the client.  We know that cumbersome implementations are never sticky, meaning they are never accepted and adapted by the end user.  We design and plan blueprints for success that are easy to use and offer a real benefit to the organization.  This dramatically simplifies the change management plans required and increases the desire amongst secondary stakeholders to adapt to the solution.



We are a relatively young group of professionals that embrace new solutions.  We constantly research new innovations, best practices, and unique techniques to ensure our clients benefit from the latest cutting edge practices.  This increases the number and variety of solutions were are able to create.



We operate a lean and efficient organization.  We know that savings we create in our own environment can be passed on to clients and keep our rates competitive.  We work in an environment that allows us to work efficiently and that fosters creativity.  This increases the outputs we create in both quality and quantity thus saving the client again in terms of the time it takes us to produce the high quality deliverables our clients demand.  Lower rates and less effort means real savings to our clients.


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