Managers get the employees they deserve

How do you employees behave in the workplace?  Have you ever considered the impact you and previous managers have had on this situation?

I can’t tell you how many times a manager has complained to me about one of there employees and how completely shocked they are when I ask them what they have done to enable the situation.  I’m not saying that it is the manager’s fault, I’m simply saying that managers send messages that suggest to employees how they are to behave.  Sending mixed messages can lead to undesired behaviours.

For example, the constantly late employee.  A situation many people have faced.  How it is dealt with will dramatically impact the outcome.  Managers who do not deal with it, who are late themselves, or who simply ask another employee to step up in the tardy individuals place can end up in a worse situation.

At issue is the message to employees.

Inaction is essentially telling the other employees that it is OK to be late.  Show up whenever you like!

Managers who are late themselves – they send the message that meeting times and other scheduled events are at an individual’s convenience.  Show up when you like.  It is also how to get promoted!

My favourite…simply asking those who do show up to step up and make up for the others – in other words if you want less work come in late.  someone else will do it and you can sleep in!

Instead, managers need to deal these issues promptly and consistently.  Admittedly everyone has a life outside the office and we have all been late on occasion in our life.  When emergencies happen focus on the need for communication about the lateness.  Don’t let these events morph into a pattern because of inaction.  When dealing with a situation, think about the ‘big picture’ message you are sending with the actions being taken.  Consider the impact on other employees of your action and/or inaction and weigh your options.



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