Our Keys to Success

Highly-Qualified and Experienced ResourcesHR Blueprints has assigned a consultant with just the right combination of expertise and track record to ensure that the NCC obtains the highest quality outcomes from the project.  Susan Haywood is extremely familiar with the needs of organizations like the NCC, and has been involved with the implementation of similar initiatives.  Susan is backed by a team of consultants with unparalleled background.

Methodologies that Yield High Quality Value-added ResultsOver the years, we have developed methodologies that deliver high quality value-added results.  For example, we incorporate into our approach proven interview protocols and questionnaires for the interviews.  These tools have shown themselves to be effective and will produce results that the client can build upon to provide a more inclusive, fair and engaging work environment for its employees.

HR expertise – HR Blueprints offers in-depth expertise and a long track record in human resource solutions.  With extensive experience in the field, we are Thought Leaders.  In addition to our professional careers, we also provide strategic advice to not-for-profit organizations on a pro bono basis including the YMCA (assisting internationally trained individuals entering the Canadian labour market), Humane Society and Human Resources Professionals Association (Ottawa Chapter).

Skills building and knowledge transfer – Our goal is to build knowledge and skill in every organization with whom we work.  We will increase the internal capability of the NCC and it’s industry members with every project as we ensure your employees can apply, maintain and enhance the frameworks and strategies developed in the future.


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