Winnipeg, Manitoba

Under rated city.  Actually has a lot to offer.  Downtown is a little rough so I recommend staying a short walk from Portage and Main so you can feel more comfortable being on the streets a night.

Where to stay – I love the Fort Garry (located on Broadway between Fort and Gary)  It is a charming older style hotel.  Very cozy with great comfort foods.  Great fitness facility and close to jogging paths along the Red River (when it is not running over the banks!)  BEST SPA!

If you are going to Winnipeg treat yourself to a visit to 10 Spa.  The Turkish Hamam.  AMAZING!!!  Located on the 10th floor of the Fort Garry Hotel.

Where to eat – Alycia’s has great perogies – located north of downtown on Cathedral.  As someone who lives where there is not an Earl’s, I always go when I travel out west (sometimes for lunch and dinner!)

Also love Restaurant Dubrovnik on Assiniboine.

Check out the Forks – very interesting for the history and Aboriginal cultural experience.  Also for their ice cream!


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