Why Men Make Better Leaders

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Relax – this is just the first entry in a week set to examine the leadership traits of the sexes.  To open let’s chat about the strength of male leaders.

1. Men do not experience prejudicial reactions based on gender when placed in charged.  People are used to seeing male leaders and therefore accept a male leader more readily than a female.

2. Male leaders are more likely than female leaders to attend to follower’s mistakes and failures to meet standards – active management by exception (Eagly et al 2003).  This ensures everyone is aware of the expected standards.

3. Male leaders are more likely than female leaders to wait until problems are severe before intervening (Eagly et al 2003). This ensures that subordinates have the opportunity to test their skills and abilities without interference.

4. Men are more likely than women to take credit for their work (HBR Jan 09).  Celebrating one’s accomplishments can lead to credibility within the organization.

5. Men are viewed as better visionaries (HBR Jan 09).  Every leader needs a vision.

6. ‘Men speak more confidently and boldly on an issue, with very little data to back it up.” (Ann Dumas, 2009).  Speaking with confidence inspires confidence.

7. Men have, on average, ‘thicker skin’ than their female contemporaries.  (Psychology Today, 08).  It allows a leader to stay focused and not get distracted by personal attacks.

8. Agentic leadership characteristics (e.g. assertiveness, controlling, confidence) are more commonly ascribed to men than women. (Eagly et al 2003).

9. Men tend to develop problem-focused solutions. Obvious cause and effect. (Grey, 2008)

10. The numbers are on their side in 2008 21.5% of people polled by PewResearchCentre said men are better leaders.

Your thoughts?  Do you agree? Disagree?  Why?

Have you had a boss that made you believe one gender manages leads better than the other?  Tell us your story!


5 thoughts on “Why Men Make Better Leaders

  1. Hum! Makes me want to just give up! Let’s leave it up to the one gender that seam to be the best at it. On step foward, two steps back!

  2. “10. The numbers are on their side in 2008 21.5% of people polled by PewResearchCentre said men are better leaders.”

    Did no one read this and think “What about the other 79%?”?

    1. When one says 21.5%, they mean that out of a vote whether men are better leaders or women, the majority voted that bot are equal, and leaving the majority aside, the rest, in majority voted that men are better.

  3. More reasons men make the greatest leaders:

    Men tend to be more analytical and strategic, hence make more objective decisions than women.

    Men are tougher and more cut-throat, hence better are making tough decisions.

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