Why women make the best leaders

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Yesterday we looked at 10 reasons why men make better leaders; today let’s look at the virtues of the other gender:

10 reasons women make better leaders:

1. Women are viewed as more energizing (HBR 2009)

2. Women are seen as having a higher emotional intelligence quotient (HBR 2009).

3. Women are viewed as having a greater outside orientation by both genders (HBR 2009).

4. Women are viewed as more transformational leaders than their male colleagues (Eagly et al 2003).

5. Women more often engage in contingent behaviours (exchanging rewards for followers’ satisfactory performance) (Eagly et al 2003).

6. Women tend to be less hierarchical, more cooperative and collaborative, and more oriented to enhancing others’ self-worth (Book 2000).

7. Women demonstrate more communal attributes (affectionate, helpful, kind, sympathetic) than their male colleagues (Eagly et al 2001).

8. Women have a tendency to be more interpersonally oriented than men. (Eagly et al 2001).

9. In firms led by transformational women leaders, male and female employees exhibit a high level of trust in women leaders (Moore et al 2011).

10. Women leaders need to focus on style as well as substance of their interactions, thus making every move more intentional and thought-out than those of male colleagues. (Eagly et al 2001)


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