Thank You

One of the most powerful phrases in the English language.  Have you used it lately?

More importantly, have you used it enough?

I know I need to work on this, so I thought I would share my thoughts to help you and I together.

It is amazing how much two little words can mean.  They can turn your day around.  They make you realize someone appreciates your efforts.  They allow you to focus on the process and not the outcome.  They tell you that someone else has noticed you and is grateful for having had contact with you.

With this much power and effect, why don’t we use them more?

We realize the impact these words have on ourselves.  Why would they be any different when used on another person?  They are not.  So stop procrastinating and go out and thank every person who positively impacts your life this week.

You never know, you might start something.  Better yet, someone might thank you.


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