Interview Tips for Employers – Part One

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Most job candidates spend a great deal of time preparing for interviews.  They want to make sure they will make a good impression and they want to be the person who lands the job.
What about the interviewer?  Shouldn’t they spend just as much time preparing?  don’t they want to make a good impression on each candidate?  Don’t they want to ensure their organization is the one that attracts the best candidate?

Of course they do!  In this day and age, an interview is for both parties to get to know each other so both parties can decide if the other is a good fit for them.  If an interviewer does not prepare and remember the key points to any interview, he or she may not put forward the right image to candidates.  Worse yet, the interviewer may not set the candidate at ease and therefore not solicit the right information from the candidate.  This will lead to a hiring error where the best candidates are not selected for the job.

Let’s look at some of the thing s an interviewer can do to ensure a successful hiring regardless of the industry, role or location of the job:

Step One – Select the format of the interview and a list of questions to be asked of all candidates.  Make sure that each question has scoring criteria assigned to it so that all candidates will be assessed based on the same factors.

Once this is established, interviews can be scheduled.

Step Two -Keep to the interview schedule.  It is just as important for the interviewer to be on time as it is for the interviewee.  Punctuality is a sign of respect.

Step Three – Open the interview

  • Greet the candidate. Give the name and position for yourself and each interviewer
  • Explain the purpose of the interview (e.g. help the company fairly decide on candidate most qualified for the job and to help the candidate understand the organization/position)
  • Describe the interview process

Step Four – visit again later this week to see more tips!


3 thoughts on “Interview Tips for Employers – Part One

  1. Excellent post! Investing in the job interview process is a value based proposition. Every one wins when the interview process is both organized and the interview questions are created to truly elicit valuable information.

    A personal bone of job interviewing contention is the interviewer who walks into the interview and says, sorry, just give me a few minutes to read over your resume (for the first time). All I can say is, “ugly”!

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