4 Tips to Reduce Workplace Conflict

Conflict can ruin employee potential, production, and well being.

Conflict can cause enormous headaches for managers and has a negative impact on the bottom line.

Conflict is difficult to manage and makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

How then can we deal with it ?

Step One:

Determine what your employees want from a work environment?  That’s right, ask questions!

  • Forget exit surveys; why do people stay?
  • What do you want from your work environment?
Step Two:
Talk about people’s differences amongst your team.  What makes your team great?  What does each person bring to the team? Acknowledging differences will help to alleviate tension.
Step Three:
Develop an action plan specific to your team.  You now know the strengths and areas of opportunity for your team; so make a plan to use the strengths to overcome challenges.
Step Four:
Talk about conflict – do not let it fester.  When conflict arises – deal with it!  Having a dialogue early on in the disagreement is easier to do than after the conflict has persisted for some time.

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