Employee Engagement 101

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Connect your employees with the organization. Employees want to feel a sense of

ownership over opportunities and challenges. This will ensure that they are fully committed to the success of the organization.

  • Post the mission, values and organizational objectives so they are visible to all employees.
  • Refer to these when setting goals and communicating decisions so employees understand how they influence the day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • Keep the employees informed of new opportunities, challenges and seek their ideas.


Be honest — Employees value honesty and trust.

  • Be honest about your expectations and your objectives, and keep your word. Employees will feel respected and will commit to you and the organization.
  • Communicate regularly your expectations and objectives for the team and for individual employees.
  • Be aware of how your statements can be perceived.


Give regular feedback — Employees want to hear about their performance.

  • Rather than wait for the quarterly or annual performance review to make comments on an employee’s performance, make a point of giving feedback as situations arise.
  • Provide feedback in face-to-face meetings and deliver it in a constructive manner.
  • Encourage the employees to engage in discussion and to ask questions about their performance.
  • Review skills required and be proactive in helping employees gain those skills (where appropriate).


Recognize good work — Employees want to be acknowledged.

  • Recognize new ideas, creativity, excellent customer service, teamwork, etc., by providing individual or public acknowledgement, depending on the employee and his or her preferences.
  • Recognize small employee efforts as well as big ones.
  • Send a note to the entire team about an employee’s or a team’s contributions.
  • Encourage other employees to share the unique contributions of their colleaguesby asking them to submit their name for a monthly prize draw.
  • Celebrate successes and milestones with the entire team.


Employee Engagement and Retention – Ask employees how they would like to be recognized, and follow through on their ideas where possible.

Offer competitive salaries and benefits — Employees want to feel fairly compensated for the effort provided.

  • Competitive salaries and benefits are key components of employee retention programs.
  • Appropriate compensation will reduce the temptation to go to other organizations.
  • Provide information sessions or FAQs about the employee benefit plan.
  • Be transparent about salary scales and inform employees of what needs to be accomplished to move within the scale.


Plan for growth — Employees want to know what the organization can offer them in terms of career growth, training opportunities or general development.

  • Ask what employees’ personal goals are and develop with them a plan to achieve their objectives.
  • Follow up on and update the plan regularly.
  • Align with Skills Profiles where applicable.


Value Work-Life Balance — Employees want their life to be more than work.

  • Be flexible and understanding of family or personal commitments.
  • Comply with relevant employment legislation and standards.
  • Be highly supportive of employees during critical life events such as personal health and family emergencies; accommodate employees’ work-life balance needs when possible.

3 thoughts on “Employee Engagement 101

  1. Great post. You’ve hit on a few key issues. Allow­ing every­one to take part and par­tic­i­pate in your companies vision certainly gives employees a strong sense of ownership.

    In my expe­ri­ence it’s equally as impor­tant to give all employ­ees the tools to openly recognize each other for the pos­i­tive actions that are tak­ing place. Select the values you’d like to empha­size internally, that way you have an element of con­trol over what is being praised. This method works two-fold in that it can actu­ally change cul­ture by rein­forc­ing your core val­ues. It’s a great way to focus on the pos­i­tive, and to keep your employ­ees engaged by rec­og­niz­ing and cel­e­brat­ing their accomplishments.

    Ben But­ler
    Rewards Nation

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