Stress – How to Reduce the Harmful Effects

Do you truly understand the harmful effects of stress in the workplace?

Join us for breakfast and learn how to effectively deal with this issue. We will share strategies for supervisors and employees to enable everyone to reduce the adverse effects of stress in their lives. Susan Haywood, Certified Human Resources Professional, will discuss the impacts of stress on the workplace and how organizations can reduce stress levels and increase employee productivity. Heather Moxley, Registered Natural Nutritionist, will review the effects of stress on the body and foods that counteract these effects. The session includes a healthy breakfast of super foods, prepared and explained by Westin Ottawa‘s Executive Chef, Kenton Leier. Join us and start 2012 with an investment in your well-being.

Cost: $45.

Westin Ottawa
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
7:30am to 9:00am

Register at:


One thought on “Stress – How to Reduce the Harmful Effects

  1. This sounds like an excellent resource/gathering to help learn about work related stress and how to overcome. Let’s face it, for many people the symptoms of work related stress go unnoticed, but ignoring them and not focusing your energy on managing them only leads to more trouble including chronic stress and the more serious health consequences that arise from it.

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