New Employee Orientation

Employment Exhibition
Employment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center)

Why is Orientation Important?

Research shows that orientation programs can have a positive effect on both organizations and employees.  Effective onboarding has been found to improve employee engagement, performance and retention levels of new hires, increase employee commitment and satisfaction, as well as reduce turnover.  Research has found that attending an orientation program positively impacted organizational socialization in terms of understanding and accepting the organization’s goals, values, and history, as well as contributed to increased relationship building and organizational commitment.

When employees are welcomed by their employer, they feel respected, both personally and professionally, and this treatment translates into greater commitment to the organization, increased trust in management and inspired work performance is the next step to ensure the effort that went into hiring the right candidate is not wasted.

Your Role:

As the hiring manager, you have a dramatic influence on how a new employee feels about his/her new workplace during the initial week.  As research has demonstrated that employees decided if they are happy with their new workplace during the first 3 days of employment, the environment presented to the new hire is paramount to the success of your organization’s recruitment and retention efforts.  Be supportive.  Be welcoming.  Ensure your new employee knows that you are happy to have him/her on your team.

Day One:

On an employee’s first day, make a lasting connection with a new hire by doing the following:

  •  Meet employee at reception
  •  Ensure there is a meaningful work project for new employee
  •  Assign the new employee a peer mentor/coach in the organization to ask question he/she may not be comfortable asking a manager
  •  Introduce the new employee to his/her coworkers and ensure they spend time together
  •  Ensure new employee has a schedule of events for first day
  •  Ensure new employee is informed of upcoming events to add to his/her calendar
  •  Discuss objectives for next two weeks

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