Human Resource Blueprints Ltd. Announces Rogers Television Debut!

Rogers TV
Rogers TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



We are excited to announce the launch of Working in the Capital with Sue Haywood, debuting on Monday, May 28th at 8pm and running every Monday throughout June, on Rogers TV, channel 22.  The program will cover various employment topics from a perspective that will be informative for both the employer and employee audience.

Each episode will include two guest experts, sharing their insights on pertinent employment topics as well as an opportunity for viewers to call in with their questions and comments for discussion. Working and looking for work in the National Capital Region comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities which will be discussed throughout the program. Some topics being covered will include ‘Downsizing- Sizing up Your Options’, ‘Win-Win Interviewing’, and ‘Attracting and Retaining Top Talent’.

The employment landscape is changing and understanding both the current conditions and what to expect in the near future is valuable for any individual along the employee and employer spectrum. As of March 2012, the National Capital unemployment rate sits at 5.9 percent ( What will this number look like with public sector downsizing underway and a skills shortage beginning to show its effects? Tune in from May 28th – June 25th, every Monday evening at 8pm, to learn more. The program will also air throughout the week for those unable to catch the live show.

We are thrilled for the launch of this program and are looking forward to hearing from our viewers throughout the program.This is your chance to reach out to local experts with your questions on employment topics that are important to you!


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