Start Spreading The News! HR Blueprints Heads to New York This Fall!

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The flights and rooms are booked and we’re ready to go! On September 26th, HR Blueprints will be providing a full day seminar at the 4 Points Sheraton Soho in Manhattan.

We are looking forward to sharing cutting edge HR strategies with organizations and HR professionals to our neighbours across the border.

Join us for all or any of the following education sessions designed to help you make your workplace more productive and your workforce more engaged!  Book 2 or more sessions and save!!!  REGISTER

0730 to 0930Boomers and Xers and Y’s, Oh My! (breakfast included)

There are currently four distinct generations in the workplace, each with a unique style and different needs and values.  This can create misunderstandings, conflict and strife in organizations. Learn how your organization can forge a strong and cohesive team across the generations.  Learn how generational diversity can be leveraged to create a more engaged workplace.  Learn about policies and practices that will attract younger generations as well as benefit and recognize more seasoned employees.

1000 to 1200Leveraging Flexible Work Arrangements to Drive Productivity (lunch included)

Employees are demanding work-life balance.  Employers want to do more with less.  But are these two concepts really in opposition to one another?

Learn about solutions that create more value for organizations, customers and employees.  Learn the underlying research, how these concepts can be applied in any organization, and how to positively impact the bottom line by being more flexible.

1200 to 1300Lunch (attendees from the 1030 or 1330 session invited to join us)

1300 to 1500Bias Free Selection – Screen For Talent (lunch included)

We may miss the best candidate simply because of our pre-conceived notions. In a business culture that is increasingly becoming diverse and vibrant, it becomes apparent that we cannot afford to turn down a world-class candidate because of their name, color or ethnicity. It’s time we consciously try to set our differences and perceptions apart to hire the best talent to our organizations.  Learn how to screen for talent to select the very best person for your workplace without bias.

1530 to 1730Behavioural Based Interviewing (snacks and refreshments included)

Is your organization struggling to find the right fit for your vacant roles?  Do you use your ‘gut’ when hiring only to be disappointed by the results?  Are you tired of paying the enormous cost associated with bad hires?  Learn the scientific foundation of this technique and how to leverage it in your organization.  Learn how to involve this technique into your existing selection processes to save time and money.


Upcoming Virtual Conference Presentation on Building Multigenerational Teams

We are excited to announce that Susan Haywood will be hosting a virtual presentation on July 19th at 3:30pm to discuss how organizations can build effective mutligenerational teams.

There are currently 4 generations in the workplace.  This can be an incredible asset to your organization or a complete disaster.  How can your organization forge a strong and cohesive team across the generations? What policies and practices will attract the younger generations and also benefit and recognize your more seasoned employees?

Learn about the underlying social aspects that form the lens by which each generation looks at the workplace.  Gain an understanding about the challenges of a multigenerational workplace and learn effective management techniques to use with each generation to engage, motivate and ensure performance and growth.

Sign up for this free Virtual Conference presentation at

Are Flexible Work Arrangments the Right Choice for Your Organization?

Many organizations today recognize that it takes more than a paycheque to retain their top talent. As talent in specific industries becomes more scarce, this challenge of attraction and retention will only increase. They also consider that any changes they do implement need to be aligned with the operational objectives of the business. So are there options that employers can consider that align with these concepts? Certainly. It’s just a matter of customization.

Employers need to ensure that the solutions they adopt make sound fiscal and operational sense for their business. So what about Flexible Work Arrangements? Statistics show that there is an increasing demand for today’s working population to balance work and life commitments. We only need to look at demographics to see why this is the case.  Since 1975 the labor force participation of women with children under the age of 18 has increased from 47% to 78%.  We have also seen a dramatic increase in the demand for elder care, with over 68% of the baby boomer workforce admitting to missing work or leaving early due to caregiver obligations. These are some examples of how the demand on an employees time makes Flexible Work Arrangements a very attractive incentive to attract and retain these employees.

The benefits extend past ensuring employees are more satisfied in their work environment. For employers, implementing Flexible Work Arrangement solutions can also serve as a means to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and lead to a more engaged and present workforce.

Join us on June 13th for a breakfast presentation on how these Flexible Work Arrangements can benefit both employers and employees and suggestions on how to get the process started.

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We hope to see you there!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Beautiful city with the ocean and mountain views.  Incredible, but it rains a lot.

Great spot for meetings – The Listel on Robson.  Incredible meeting rooms. lobby and catering.  All reasonably priced too.  Consider staying elsewhere though, the rooms are clean but the linen is dreadful – itchy and thin.  Yuck!  Poor fitness room too – the treadmill is beside the hot tub, making it very sticky with a strong smell of chlorine.

Fabulous Hotel to stay at — The Four Seasons (need I say more!!)

Realistic Hotel to consider — The Cascadia — newly renovated rooms (all suites) that are clean and functional.  Breakfast included with stay.  Easy location.

Make sure you go for a run in Stanley Park.

Check out the roof top patios, especially in March when most of us are not yet used to the warmer weather of spring!

G Sports Bar and Grill on Granville is a great place to watch the Canucks!


Moncton, New Brunswick

Lots of central hotels like the Chateau Moncton but I hate staying anywhere with no restaurant.  I recommend the Future Inn.  A little off the beaten path but if you are in Moncton you likely have a car due to how spread out the city is.  Great linen, very comfortable beds, good food and fitness centre.

Best Restaurant – Little Louie’s Oyster Bar on Collishaw.  Wow!!!


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Beautiful seaside city.  A personal favourite.

Where to stay – The Prince George Hotel (even stayed there with my Weimaraner when no other hotel would take a ‘big dog’.  He especially loved the cookies from the doorman). Great rooms, fabulous food, perfect location.

Haliburton House is also lovely if you want more of a B&B feel.

Where to eat:

  • Salty’s for seafood
  • Lower Deck for the ultimate pub experience
  • Cow’s Ice Cream
  • Press Gang for gourmet – ‘the drill’ is incredible!

Go for a jog in Point Pleasant Park

If you have a day and a car also drive to Evangeline Beach (just under an hour towards Kemptville)  The drive is very well signed.  You will be amazed watching the tide – you can actually see it change.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Under rated city.  Actually has a lot to offer.  Downtown is a little rough so I recommend staying a short walk from Portage and Main so you can feel more comfortable being on the streets a night.

Where to stay – I love the Fort Garry (located on Broadway between Fort and Gary)  It is a charming older style hotel.  Very cozy with great comfort foods.  Great fitness facility and close to jogging paths along the Red River (when it is not running over the banks!)  BEST SPA!

If you are going to Winnipeg treat yourself to a visit to 10 Spa.  The Turkish Hamam.  AMAZING!!!  Located on the 10th floor of the Fort Garry Hotel.

Where to eat – Alycia’s has great perogies – located north of downtown on Cathedral.  As someone who lives where there is not an Earl’s, I always go when I travel out west (sometimes for lunch and dinner!)

Also love Restaurant Dubrovnik on Assiniboine.

Check out the Forks – very interesting for the history and Aboriginal cultural experience.  Also for their ice cream!

Charlottetown, PEI

Great little place.  Friendly people and lots of seafood!  A little quite in the winter but bustling in the summer.

Where to stay – I like the Delta, well located and a practical business hotel with a great restaurant.  Lots of local food choices.  Good linens (I’m a bit odd in that I often judge hotels by how comfy their linens are).  The gym is dated but great fitness studio across the street (see below for more info)

Where to eat…it depends:

Quick healthy lunch:

  • Timothy’s on University – great tuna wraps!
  • Urban Eatery in Confederation Mall – yummy grilled chicken and spinach salad

Best Seafood Chowder – Delta Prince Edward

Must have Cow’s Ice Cream — you can actually taste that it is a dairy product!

Best Gourmet – Lot 30 on Kent (especially recommend the 5 course tasting menu – amazing food and perfect portion sizes)

Really good Italian – Sironela Ristorante on Water St

Best Sweet Potato Fries – The Pilot House on Kent St

Great Yoga – Dynamic Fitness on Queen, drop in rates of $20 for 10 classes – worth it even if you only have time for a few, classes available at before work, lunch and after work

Great manicure – Carrie at Carrie’s Esthetics on Queen


As a consultant I travel a lot.  Not necessarily to the glamorous tourist destinations found in a brochure, but to real places that people find themselves going to for business.  Going on a trip and need some advice from someone who has been there?  Drop me a line!